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Mission Statement

CNN Global Health Initiative pledges that through our voluntary efforts we shall identify, address, and support the health needs of at risk men, women, and children of our community, through screening, immunization, and treatment of health conditions and empowerment through education, increase in physical activity, and disease prevention. CNN Global Health Initiative is inclined to serve as a health collaborator in the viability of the health of the society with the goal of reducing health disparities among minorities and ethnic sub-groups.


Vision Statement

CNN Global Health Initiative is a 501©3 organization that endeavors to provide health education, disease prevention and medical services that will empower members of the society to take control of their health and become healthy productive members of society.

Objective of CNN Global Health Initiative, Inc.

  • To promote health education and disease prevention through screening.
  • To detect early breast, cervical, prostrate, and colon cancer through early screening.
  • To provide health relief and assistance to individuals with HIV/AIDS.
  • To evaluate and support health needs of the society in disaster periods.
  • To decrease health disparity among minorities and ethnic sub-group